Talk Toy

Project Description


Social phenomena:

It’s hard for parents with two salaries to find a balance between work and their children.

The new generation parents lack of experience, do not understand the correct parenting methods, do not understand the real needs of their children, so that education and reality are separated: this can not achieve ideal results, but also make the relationship between parents and children rigid, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children.

There are more and more parent-child topics (parent-child education, parent-child Park, parent-child games), and many parents accept the new parenting model.

For parents, most of the concerns about electronic products (such as iPad / iPhone) come from the damage to children’s eyes.

Preschoolers and parents are willing to give their children more time to play different things. (play with toys / watch animation / do hands)

Parents pays attention to the cultivation of non-intellectual factors (character / confidence, etc.), but in reality, it is more about the cultivation of children’s intellectual power.

Less effective company time between parents and children

User Research

Target user: Preschool children: 3-6 years old
Young parents of the post-80s generation

Ethnographic: Three Typical Representative Characters 

Product Research

Current products

Now, the most typical form of parent-child interaction products is that one product has two parts, big and small, which respectively represent the parts used by parents and children. The semantics of the product is clear, and this kind of parent-child product is easy for people to understand.

Another form is to guide children’s activities through parents’ activities, so that children can achieve certain goals of training.

Parent child interaction product is a product with human feelings, which enables parents and children to gain psychological recognition, emotion in experience, and arouse them to pursue new lifestyle.

Product positioning

Product Name: Talk toy
Main Users: Preschool, 3-6-year-old children

For children:
Have been able to speak, can communicate with parents simply, need to communicate with parents more before school age, and use entertainment communication to learn some common sense, nursery rhymes and other knowledge.

For parents:
Parents want to be able to communicate with their children anytime and anywhere in their daily life, so that they can enjoy their children’s life, but they don’t want their children to suffer eye injury or indulge in electronic products because they use some electronic products, and they don’t want their children to touch the iPad too early.

Design Process

The inspiration for toy’s shape comes from Disney’s Movie Monster company Monsters, Inc. The characters in the movie are all kinds of monsters. They don’t feel terrible, but the strange shapes are very popular with the children. Such shapes break the children’s conventional understanding and can develop their imagination, such as not only two eyes on the face of creatures, but also tentacles on the head of creatures, etc.

Sketch (Research on monsters)


Just enter, press and hold the key all the time when speaking, and release after speaking is sending.

Model Making

Product Introduction


Project Details


Project Date:

April 24, 2020

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