Hairdryer Design

Project Description

Prototype Research

The body is made of PC plastic
Plastic parts are mainly connected by screws
In the middle is a metal piece
The housing is not thermally conductive

Use process analysis

Prototype internal structure

Product Name: Philips hp8105 hairdryer

Market Research and Analysis

Development trend of hairdryer products in 2006-2013

Position map diagram

User Research and Analysis

The target users are women between 25 and 30 years old, most of them are white-collar workers, middle income, love fashion and pursue fashion.

Ethnographic: Three Typical Representative Characters

I am a college student studying art. I usually use a hairdryer after taking a bath in my dormitory. I have a lot of hair and a long length, so it takes a long time to dry my hair every time, about 40-50 minutes. After using the hair dryer for a long time, the body of the hair dryer will be hot, so I hope the hair dryer can improve the wind speed and shorten the dry hair time. I’m also not satisfied with the uniform shape of the hair dryer now. I hope to have a hair dryer with unique shape and more design sense.

I am a company employee and fashion lover. I usually use my hairdryer to do my hair before I go to work in the morning. My hair volume is not very much or very long, so dry hair is not a problem for me, and my use time is not very long, mainly used for blowing curly hair or bangs. It’s hard to satisfy my pursuit of fashion and design sense with the same hairdryer in the market now I hope to have a hairdryer full of fashion sense to match my other fashion objects.

I’m a manager of a company. I usually use a hairdryer at home after I have a bath at night. My hair volume is not very much, the length of hair is controlled in the shoulder position, and the general dry hair time is 20-30 minutes. Although this time is not too long, I hope it can shorten the dry hair time. I like the simple and special hairdryer.

Keyword intention map

Hairdryer Design

My target users are women aged 25-30, so the shape of hair dryer should come from the characteristics of women. My hair dryer was inspired by a kind of women’s hair style called twist braid. Twist braid is a kind of hairstyle that many women will try, which is very common. So this kind of modeling is not strange to women, but also a symbol of beauty.


According to the survey results, the sketch studies the shape of the hair dryer. Although the inspiration comes from the twist braid, the twisted shape can be adjusted; it is determined that the switch button is on the back, the air outlet changes from round to square, and the shape of the air inlet at the back.

Polyurethane model

Polyurethane model is used to adjust the shape and experiment to test ergonomics when holding

3D Modeling and Rendering effect 

Internal Structure Modeling

Rendering effect

Product Introduction

Project Details


Project Date:

April 25, 2020

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