MusePAD digitally enhancing the museum experience

Project Description

I have been engaged to design part of an app of interactive iPad experiences that museum visitors will be able to carry around and, at specific locations, interact with in order to enhance their experience of exhibits as they stand in front of them.

The research location is the Victoria & Albert Museum

Data Wall

The content of this exhibition is about fashion. I sorted out the basic information according to my experience of watching the exhibition and the questionnaire survey of visitors.


Exhibits selection

An app for one of the exhibits that in V&A Museum is a dress called Mantua, as shown in the figure, which is displayed in the fashion stadium. The target group is who age between 20 to 30, especially fashion lovers. In the app there are three parts: Fabric (production process), Technique (the exhibit which use the same technique with the dress in the museum) and Scan QR code (to get more information).

This process of design the app is benefited from user experience. After the research, making a user experience map to illustrate and organizations a holistic, human- centered view of the experiences they create (BRANDON SCHAUER, 2013). From map I can get the highlight during process of visiting. Persona also can reflect the user-centered design it can make designer always focus on the touchpoint from the persona. For example, in the persona, she very wants to know the information about the material about the dress, so the app has the part of fabric to express the production process.

App Design

APP User Flow

Based on the 5 essential principles of interaction design: consistency, perceivability, learnability, predictability and feedback (Hogue, 2012), this app is consistency. Not only given a comfortable visual to users, but also made the user focus on the app’s function or the process of the experience, and not be suddenly disturbed by changed style page. There are also have more feedback at every part. For instance, the fabric part, there are four process of human and iPad interaction, every gestures have the corresponding feedback, to help users to know the production process. The whole app did not have a lot of different gestures, so it is not complex, easy to use this is conformity with the principles of Learnability.

Feedback for the app

Project Details


Project Date:

April 27, 2020

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