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Project Description

For understand and communicate about technical systems that becoming increasingly part of city living for some people. These systems are often invisible, difficult to grasp and so to render them visible requires strong teamwork, research and design skills. This project is working in groups and investigate the technical system about electronic ticketing in UK (Oyster cards).

Data Wall

We investigate the Oyster cards system from four aspects: technological, function, design and financial.

Sketch book

Zine Design

After deepen my research, I produce the book for conclude the system.


“We are interested… Not in trying to predict the future but using design to open up all sorts of possibilities that can be discussed and debated and used to collectively define a preferable future for a given group of people, from companies, to cities, to societies.” (Dunne and Raby, 2013, p.6)

Following the reading on Critical Design, the aim of this 2nd stage of the project is to use our design practice to produce a design fiction that reveals, and help more people to consider, overlooked issues that our technical system provokes.

We will tell a story of our near future system and indicate the potential problems around it.


According to the prediction of the current development of science and technology, we have analyzed that in the future, life and travel will become more and more convenient, the future payment form will also become a one card payment mode, and the oyster card will become a payment mode under any circumstances. Through the research on this system, we found that the oyster card is not absolutely secure in terms of payment, because it is anonymous, so it is difficult to find it after loss. And in the future one card payment mode, the loss of oyster card will bring more trouble to people.

So our story revolves around the fact that it’s a terrible thing to lose an oyster card when it can pay any bill.


Project Details


Project Date:

April 27, 2020

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